Monday, 25 July 2016

Why CinemaBox is Amazing

There are several movie downloader apps doing the rounds on the internet. All of them have features in combinations unique to them, if not completely pioneering. But CinemaBox shines on top of them for the amazing features and utility it boasts.

CinemaBox is an app that was formulated from the vestiges of PlayBox HD, an app that acquired its fair share of popularity some months ago. But CinemaBox has trumped the uniqueness of PlayBox and brought us more amazing features. In this post, we’ll be analysing some of the features we find remarkable in CinemaBox.

CinemaBox Features:

  • Wide collection of titles: CinemaBox’s collection of movies and TV show titles can astound you. The library is marked with helpful indicators like the artists involved, the genre of the film and more. The synopsis of the film is a great feature that is taken for granted.
  • Screen casting enabled: For those who enjoy their content on the big screen, the app comes with Chromecast enabled. You can cast your movies onto your Chromecast enabled TV, Android TV, Apple TV and XBox, among other devices. Get an app like AllCast or LocalCast, and you can pair your device to play any content you have with those around you. You app’s media player even acts as a mini remote for the content. Scroll as is comfortable to you!
  • Helpful interface: The interface is a major boost to the utility of the app. CinemaBox app takes care to make the app accessible to all easily. That’s why, the thumbnails are big, the font is prominent and you can find adequate information about the content right in the same screen. The color scheme is also understated, which is pretty cool.
  • No costs involved: The app is available for free on the internet, including through the official site! There are no payments to be made to watch any video on the app either!
These were some remarkable features of CinemaBox app. Coupled with more such features that might not be so visible, the app becomes the ultimate destination for all your entertainment needs.

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